Wow. I’m speechless…. Let’s start from the beginning….

So, going into this film, I knew nothing of Gasper Noé, or how he shot his films. Had I known of his majestic ability, I’d have looked into him sooner. But that’s beside the point. First off, I must note that this film should not be taken lightly or be seen by all. Only those who appreciate how amazing shots can be or can take brutal graphicism (which, trust me, this movie contains) should watch this film. There is a lot of sex-oriented stuff, and some violence-oriented stuff that will really make the film a joy to watch, along with its AMAZING camera shots (probably the best shooting I have ever seen in a movie).

The movie is about Marcus (Black Swan’s Vincent Cassel) and Pierre (Albert Dupontel), two buds who, in the beginning of the movie, are being taken out of a club called “Rectum,” Marcus on a gurney and Pierre walking out being put in handcuffs, the reason being shown in the following minutes. They are looking for a man who brutally raped and attacked Alex, their friend, and won’t rest (specifically Marcus) to find her.

Best Aspects: The thing I liked most about this movie wasn’t just its reverse-linear structure, reminiscent of Nolan’s “Memento,” or the amazing camera shots, but a combination of great acting along with one shots that lasted a plus-or-minus of 20 minutes (eg, there is an amazingly acted rape scene that is 13 minutes long and has the camera in the exact same place the whole time). The director, now one of the most respected directors in my book, from whom I shall watch many more films, really made this movie something of an experience more than a film, and he certainly did this with bizarre situations, as well as camera angles. Noé also wrote the movie.

Bottom Line: A+. If I were showing a film class the epitome of well-executed tracking shots, a writer-director that turned a simple idea into an adventure, a planner of film who got his shit together when it came to coordinating his scenes, and a cast that pulled everything they could out of a movie, I’d have this one at the top of the list.