Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West

Awesome!  If only all movies could be this cool!  Hey, what can I say?  This movie had it all…action, drama, suspense, fantasy, historical & political purpose…everything!  Beautifully done!  Five stars out of five.  Need I say more?  :)  Oh.. not really for kids, but if you’re like most parents are today, you’ll let your kid watch it anyhow, and wonder why they shoot up their high school in later years.. heh… seriously… please…. no kids!

1 thought on “300”

  1. A movie so well done, is one not to be spoiled by worthless nudity, the sex scene i understand. The fact that Gerard Butler and Lena Headey star in it make it better, Butler’s a Fantastic actor as Leonidas the leader of the spartan army. The fights scene’s are amazing, everything about the movie is awsome except the nudity, that’s the only reason i haven’t bought it, but other than that i love this movie.

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