Evelyn Salt (Jolie), a CIA agent is accused of being a Russian spy who is going to kill the Russian president. Scared for her husbands safety, she runs from the FBI and at the same time trying to clear her name to fellow CIA agent and friend Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber). And not to spoil any plots, lets just say the movie takes some twists and turns, some you see coming and some you don’t, at the same time leaving a wake of destruction and bodies behind her.This is a fun movie, adrenaline, action packed movie that once Salt is accused of being a spy, the action doesn’t stop….  And frankly, it gets a little tiring. The action is decent, lots of car crashes and fight scenes, no thing too amazing in those categories, aside from a few good hits from Jolie.The saving grace in this story is the acting. Angelina Jolie, who plays the CIA agent/Russian spy, delievers an amazing performance as always. She is able to keep the audience guessing what side she is on the whole movie, and can change personalities as easy as a shirt. You feel a real connection between her and her husband (unlike real life, but thats a different story) showing concern, and love. Not to mention it is nice to see her beat some people up, and hey, she’s great to look at too.Overall, a decent movie that keeps you entertained and Jolie’s performance that keeps you watching makes for a fun movie to watch, and a story line with manageable twists that you don’t have to take notes to make sense of it.