True Grit Movie Review

While this movie is a re-make of the 1969 True Grit featuring the one and only John Wayne, the Cohen brothers have done an amazing job with this remake. The script of these two movies is almost identical, and  I don’t blame them for re-using these lines because they are great lines. I’m not trying to sit here and compare the two, but I will say a few things comparing the two. I feel Jeff Bridges plays a much better US Marshal Ruben “Rooster” Coburn, than John Wayne does. Bridges delivers a spectacular performance, from the witty, smart a** comments, to the gravely voice speaking out the corner of his mouth. He creates a much deeper character than the Wayne version.True Grit is the western tale of fourteen year old Mattie Ross (Steinfeld) who’s father is murdered, and her contracting the help of US Marshal Ruben “Rooster” Coburn, a man of ‘true grit” to capture Tom Chaney (Brolin) while bringing her along for the journey. Along the way they pick up Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (Damon) a overly cocky Texan, and hunt Chaney.As mentioned above, this movie has an amazing cast, Jeff Bridges who never ceases to disappoint, playing the ruthless, drunkard Rooster Cogburn. Matt Damon as LaBoeuf, a cocky Texan who crosses words, and sometimes guns with Rooster. And last but certainly not least, the young, but talented Hailee Steinfeld, as the witty, at sometimes naive, and stubborn Mattie Ross. (Who has a bright future in her path) Josh Brolin plays the criminal, Tom Chaney, who doesn’t get much time in front of the camera, but plays a solid role as he does in the other blockbusters he has been in. The combination of all these characters, and the Cohen brothers dry, “gritty” sense of humor makes these characters and their interactions hilarious and have the crowd in the theater roaring with laughter.A very noteworthy subject that truly makes this film along side of the acting is the cinematography. Rodger Deakins, the director of photography does a phenomenal job. The beautiful sweeping shots over the plains and overall great camera work.The Cohen brothers have delivered a great movie, a great remake and put their spin on it that makes it a great movie. Not quite your typical western, but hey, who cares. Its one of my new top westerns.

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