The Dilemma-Review

This film is about a pair of best friends working to get their electric engine design mastered and sold to a big car company. Isaac Backman (Kevin James), is the intelligent, sensitive, goofy side of the duo while Ronny Valentine (Vince Vaughn) is the persuading salesperson and power force of the two. Life is right now is great for them, Ronny is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Beth (Jennifer Connelly) and Isaac is happily married to Geneva (Winona Ryder). While searching for the perfect location to pop the question, Ronny spots Geneva making out with a younger buff man later known by the name Zip, (Channing Tatum). Ronny is stick in a crossroads deciding if he should tell Isaac or not. On one hand, he loves Ronny to which believes he should know but doesn’t want it to affect his friendship. On the other hand, they are on the brink of designing the perfect electric engine before a deadline to a major car company so Ronny doesn’t want Isaac to lose focus. So, instead he tries to convince Geneva to stop seeing Zip but gets turned down by blackmail of an event that happened in the past between Ronny and Geneva. Then, he goes to Zip’s house for photographic evidence of the affair but fails when Zip and he start fighting. Will Ronny ever tell Isaac? Will Geneva end her infidelity and rekindle her marriage? Will Ronny and Isaac win the car company over with their new design?Review:This film wasn’t “hold my stomach, funny” but it was entertaining to watch. Great casting pair of James and Vince, they are both so funny. One of my favorite scenes was watching Ronny freak out on Zip by threatening to burn his face off with a hairspray can and a lighter. Vince tends to overkill a comedic scene on all of his films, including this one, and I love every one of them. Not a lot of people can pull that off so many times. James is just the cutest guy ever, with his box shaped head and innocent comedy. It was a little shocking to see James have so many angry scenes; I’m used to seeing all smiles all the time. Well, he still looked adorable. I’m so glad this film didn’t go for the clique “fat jokes” or “fat guy falling,” that gets a little tired and old. All in all, I will view this film again. 

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