“A load of girls dancing as swans”.  Just what i wanted to see girls dancing…. That’s the general thought when you hear about this movie. A loner girl(natalie portman) in a ballet theater trying to be perfect and get the leading role as the lead swan of there production “Swan lake” but having to fight off the advances from other ballet dancers such as mila kunis.But could the pressure of this role be to much for Ms Portman?

The movie starts off with Natalie portman performing a routine of which you can tell what the movie is about… Swans. But the simple life that she leads will soon explode finding that the leading.. or should i say the ex-leading girl quitting??? and the lead role of the “swan queen” being up for grabs… this is where the real story starts. With a criticizing and sexual being her teacher seems to be, played by  Vincent Cassel constantly telling her shes half perfect. This “Half” Perfect girls world starts to come tumbling down. With a acting that can only be described as a bi-polar acting by natalie portman. But her new friend and co-star Mila kunis seems to be the opposite of herself and this girl learns a whole new way to live and that perfect isn’t always best.

Being a Monday night and bored at home i thought about giving this movie a shot especially being hesitant and my manhood on the line thinking if i watch this alone i would be soon engaged in a verbal battle losing with every one laughing at me. And boy was i surprised.  Natalie Portman playing this beautiful and elegant ballet dancer. Who to note done a OUTSTANDING job when it came to the ballet routines she was so elegant and graceful it was enchanting to watch. Alongside Mila Kunis who is just as beautiful herself. they have this onset chemistry which just “bounces” nicely between both of them. You can see this especially in the love scene between both of them which got me a bit hot under the collar. And dont get me started on Vincent Cassel. only ever seeing him in the Ocean twelve and thirteen it was a surprise. His slick handsomeness that seems to just orbit around him is incredible. He gave a AMAZING performance, which in truth if he was a teacher instead of a actor, we may see a lot of stories in the news papers about school girls trying to have relationship’s with this teacher.

The general filming of this movie was calm and relaxed. Not exploiting every possible angle to try get this movie into 3D just so they can make a extra few $$$. Why? because they can.  The music in this enchanted me the most the fact that it was perfect the melody’s of the ballet songs and when they use to train with these set pieces was thrilling. Rarely i get into the music of a movie but this was one of those times where i could just fall asleep listening to the sound. What this movie also does is bring the chills out of you. Not to forget the fact this isnt a romcom or a “chickflick” its actualy a brilliant thriller. It gets you to the point where your calm and relaxed then springs something on you. Constantly throughout the movie, It gets you settled and then reminds you this isn’t all smiles.”HEY! remember me? ye I’m here to creep you out again!”

My overall view is OUTSTANDING (sorry i don’t use numbers).i wont say”if you have a few hours to spend check it out”. CHECK IT OUT!. Its the underdog films at the moment. People giving this movie the cold shoulders because they think”hey its only ballet dancing, whats cool about that?” there wrong. Its enchanting, sad, scary. Its a perfect movie at the moment. Played by the beautiful Natalie portman and Mila Kunis this movie is a MUST see.