The Ten

“The Ten” stars a line of actors and actresses that include Winona Ryder, Paul Rudd, Oliver Platt, Adam Brody, Jessica Alba, and many more well knowns. The film is composed of ten stories, each of them resembling one of the ten commandments.

The first story is about a guy who fall out of a plane and accidentally become a legend. The second is about a woman who has a sexual relationship with a local in Mexico. The third story who killed a patient as a goof. The fourth is about a police detective who envys his neighbor’s Cat Scan machine. The fifth is about a mother who resorts to a Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator to be the father figure of her sons. The sixth is about a prisoner who covets his fellow inmates so called “wife”. The seventh story is about a woman who falls in love with a ventriloquist and then steals his puppet. The eighth story is about a rhino who learns the downfalls of gossip. The ninth story is about a man who skips going to church with his family and decides gets naked with his friends. And finally the tenth story is about a guy named Jeff who is struggling with his own moral problem: having to choose between his gorgeous wife and his also gorgeous but somewhat younger lover.

If you just read above, then you probably came to the conclusion that this is one very strange movie. From the director of “Wet Hot American Summer”, this film was all random skits poorly pieced together, like a bunch of Mad TV skits rather than a movie. Absurdly uneven and painful to sit through, this never lives up to it’s biblical expectations.

Utterly pointless comedy that should have delivered a few well oiled laughs from its well know cast, but failed to do so. I was expecting to get something amusing but instead I got a movie that had a handful of ridiculously deluding moments. If your in the mood for some really strange goofiness, then “The Ten” won’t disappoint. Two of the Ten segments in “The Ten” are sort of funny, while the rest is just downright aimless that might leave you scratching your head rather than laughing your ass off. One of those hit-or-miss comedies that ends up missing more than it hits.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie if your in the mood for a smart and witty comedy about the ten commandments. “The Ten” is a brainless comedy that failed to make me laugh, as comedies are intended to. Lets call this an endurance test. If you can sit through three of the ten “comedic” segments, then you did better than many. “The Ten” is far from a ten, it’s more like a three.

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