Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale star in director David O. Russell’s ‘The Fighter’ as two brothers, Mickey Ward and Dickie Eklund. Dickie (Bale) is a former boxer who helps train his younger brother, Mickey (Wahlberg). Dickie unfortunately, is addicted to drugs and fails to make his training sessions with his brother on time. He is always getting into some sort of trouble and Mickey decides he can’t rely on Dickie to help him achieve his success as a boxer. Can Mickey escape his troubled brother to fight for his victory, or will Dickie attempt to suck Mickey into his problematic life?

‘The Fighter’ in my opinion, was phenomenal. The acting in this film is beyond incredible. Each actor in this film right now is nominated for a Golden Globe award (Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo). Every actor held their own in this film, and it’s amazing to watch. Christian Bale portrays Dickie as a crack addict with a lot of tribulations. Although the character is insanely hard to respect and admire, Bale makes him quite enthralling. Bale was captivating to watch and his performance was quite remarkable. Mark Wahlberg also portrayed Mickey beautifully, he was the younger brother that just wanted to do things right. He didn’t want any trouble and tried hard to make something of himself. Wahlberg, in my opinion, never disappoints. Of course, he played a character a little more on the safe side but his performance was believable, enjoyable and enchanting. The females in this film are just as captivating to watch as the men. Amy Adams’ performance was truly surprising. I’m so glad she flew out of her comfort zone and played a woman with some gumption. Her character is a foul-mouthed fearless bartender who dates Mickey and his family hates her. There is one scene where she punches a girl a couple of times in the head, it’s incredible. I really enjoyed watching her performance of Charlene. Melissa Leo, again another actress with some guts, was great. Leo portrayed Mickey and Dickie’s mother, Alice Ward. She loves her sons and is very involved in their boxing careers as their manager. Leo gave a fine performance as well, and I think she truly deserves recognition in this film. The acting in this film is unbelievable and I really hope it garners some Oscars this season.

I really loved the way this film was shot. Throughout some of the movie, people are developing a documentary on Dickie’s life, so the audience is sometimes seeing the point of view of the director of the documentary which is a nice change. It gives the film a nice home made movie feel, which in my opinion makes you feel more like you are there living with these characters. I also enjoyed a scene where Mickey is fighting and all of a sudden everything is silent and all he hears are his brother’s words in a voiceover sounding as if it were coming from a microphone. I thought that scene was shot really cool.

I highly, highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys incredible acting and wants to see a truly enjoyable film. 

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