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Boondock Saints 2: Mr. Duffy you’ve Done me Wrong

As someone who was a huge fan of the first film and it’s great cast and humor, I was deeply hurt to see what Troy Duffy did to the Saints. First of all, a second film wasn’t even needed. The first one left us quite happy. But alas, Duffy decided the boys needed another go-round. I was very excited to see what Duffy would bring to the table, sadly it was cold leftovers. Without some of the great characters from the first film like Smecker and the deceased Rocco, he needed new people. Enter Romeo and Eunice. Romeo, who was played hysterically by Clifton Collins Jr., was the only real saving grace for this movie. Our favorite sons of Ireland, Flannery and Reddus are just as great as they were the first time and their chemistry is always fun to watch. It was even nice to see Dolly, Duffy and Greenly again. My problem with this movie came in two forms, script and the always awful Julie Benz. Duffy wrote great words for great characters the first time. This time, it was if he was copying the script right out of “Action Movies for Dummies”. With the exception of maybe two of three lines, it was tiresome. He took Dolly, Duffy and Greenly and turned them from decent cops to three stooge’s style criminals. Bad form Duffy. My other problem is Mrs. Benz. My god, why do they let her continue to ruin great things. First she made me hate Dexter, if that’s even possible. Was I the only who cheered when she was killed? She is so ridiculous in every minute of this movie. From her overly faked southern drawl to her over played toughness, she exudes mediocrity. Her acting is so forced and cartoonish in every way. Now understandably Duffy directed her performance, but in all her work she comes across this way. The film industry needs to stop letting her ruin good projects and leave her to the Lifetime Movies of the Week. Mr. Duffy, if you have plans for a third installment, please, for the love of god and our saints, give us something new, something special, something Saintly! And leave Julie Benz out of it!

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