This movie is a comedy classic. And by this I mean the entire humor that’s presented in the film is timeless. With 1956’s “The Court Jester”, we get a fantastic tale that spoofs the adventure genre that’s definitely for a more mature crowd. And for good reason, Danny Kaye, the star of this production, really shines as the incomparable Giacomo who entertains the royal court of England. Alongside a great supporting cast, this movie is perfect, with only a few minor problems. “The Court Jester” is a remarkable comedy that still holds out to this day.

The story follows a basic Robin Hood legend, but it’s really an original concept. We have a ruthless king who has taken over England, while the true heir, a baby boy, is hiding in safety. Meanwhile in the forest, a group of mercenaries seek refuge to hide from the faux ruler. The leader, the Black Fox, sends the head captain and the entertainer (Kaye) to a monastery for the babe’s protection. But after a series of unfortunate events, the entertainer gets mixed up with another person, the world famous jester Giacomo, and is sent to the castle. Here, comedic results of the highest degree leading to a thrilling climax.

“The Court Jester” is a very funny movie, but when watching the film now, the humor is more adult-oriented rather than intended for a more family audience. What I mean by this is that there are some hidden innuendoes that younger audiences may not get. For instance, there is a group shot of several men surrounding a table with cups placed near the group. In the next cut, one of the cups is in front of one of the men’s crotch. But the rest of the movie is clean fun. And this comes from Kaye and the supporting cast.

And speaking of the supporting cast all of the actors and actresses do a fine job in their roles. We have Glynis Johns as the head captain, Angela Lansbury as the fair princess, and magnificent Basil Rathbone as the villain of the picture do a fantastic job. Even all of the technical aspects, from the lighting to the music, everything is just great to look at. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with the movie whatsoever, it’s a perfect film.

Well, there are minor issues that surround the continuity department, but it is no big deal.

Overall, “The Court Jester” is a great romp that is full of delight from start to finish. And even though the humor may be a little risqué to some younger viewers, it’s still a great film that will definitely pull in a lot of laughs. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good laugh now and then.