This movie stars Shia Lebeof (holes) and Josh Dummel (TV Show Las Vegas).  It is rated PG-13 and is 144 minutes long.  The movie is a lot like the old television cartoon, yet there are many ways that it is not like the cartoon. 

The plot of this movie is basically that there are these cars, planes, tanks, and the such that come to life and are alien robots.  They have come to earth in search of a cube which creates other alien robots.  Of course there is good and evil, and the good don’t believe that humans should be hurt, while the evil side believes that humans are not usefull at all.

I really enjoyed the humor in this movie.  There is a part when a robot opens his gas can and “urinates” on a human.  It was totally hilarious, also the parents of Shia Lebeofs character are very funny asking his character if he needs his privacy because he is “masterbating”. 

The main problem with this movie was that the robots changes from cars (or whatever they were) into robots way too quickly, and a lot of the action sequences were very fast paced and some scenes were a little too unrecognizable.  I mean if you can’t follow the action what is the point of watching an action movie? 

If you are or were a transformers fan some of the small things will bother you.  Bumblebee was a yellow camero in the movie, but in the cartoons I grew up on he was a yellow bug.  Little things like that might bother you, but otherwise this was a fun movie, with a lot of fun action.  Also it was just a little too long, but you don’t really notice it until almost the end of the movie. 

I suggest that if you are a fan of action or the transformers go see this movie.  If you aren’t a fan go see the movie anyway, it might just make you a fan, plus it was excellent fun!

2 thoughts on “Transformers”

  1. I didn’t really think much of the film. Not being a fan of the transformers might be the factor. Typical Michael Bay with action but lack of character development. 2.5/5

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