The film starts off with a father son moment of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and young Sam Flynn (Owen Best) talking about his adventures inside of the game, Tron. He also talks about the creation of Clu (his cyber double) and Tron (a likeness of his best friend and creator of Tron) and their duties to make his cyber world perfect. After story time is over, Flynn must get back to the office. A look back at the door followed by a smile and a wave, was the last time Sam saw his father. Twenty years later, rebelling against his leadership duties of his father’s corporation, Sam’s mentor (Garrett Hedlund) tells him of a message he received from his father. Following his curiosity, Sam goes to the abandoned acrade that was once his fathers. He then discovers a hidden passageway leading to a single room. He comes upon a computer and a chair and enters in the last code his father entered then zooms into the cyber world, lost and confused. He now realizes that that’s where his father was all along, trapped. Will he find his father? Can he survive in the cyber world?


Well, the only good thing I can say about the film is that, of course, the 3-D was quite entertaining. I enjoyed the upgrade of the colors and action from the original. I believe the original Tron’s special effects was fantastic for that day in age, very impressive. Eventhough a note came on the screen before the movie started saying that some of the film will be featured in 2-D, I still find it unacceptable for it not to completely be in 3-D. I thought the acting was mediocre along with the costumes. The programs acted too human rather than software. Also, why is it that all of the programs attend the “games?” Aren’t they suppose to be working, I never saw one program actually fullfill it’s duty. The young Kevin Flynn was a little impressive, which it should be, all the money that was spent on making him look younger. If you ask me, they could have saved millions and just use prostectic makeup other than computer special effects. All in all, I will most likely be alone in this, but I will not view this movie again.

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