Movie in Review : Alien Vs. Predator Requiem (2007)

Movie Cover

What happened to the Plot of the movie ?

 Their Tag Line ,” This Christmas there will be no peace on Earth” might as well have been for an entirely different movie.

Being a fan of the first Alien Vs. Predator movie …… this one is a big disappointment .

The one good thing this movie has is the very beginning , which is the end of the first movie. It’s all good … I think the movie might just be really good… that is until they start to introduce the main characters.

“Dallas” ,Steven Pasqualeis  is  first introduced. Then , we meet his geeky brother “Ricky”, Johnny Lewis at his place of work , A pizza joint. You get the idea… he is embarrassed at the fact he has to deliver pizza ( oh no the horror) over to a girls house , a girl he has a crush on . She’s hanging out with a group of bullies, one of them being her boyfriend. And the cheesy high school romance beings… oooh and how will things end?!.

One of the most believable characters of the movie is a military woman who is back from the service , she comes back to be with her little girl and her husband. So, instead of sticking to this nice plot they choose to cut back to the little high school romance thing which is actually not even a romance at all but a cheap way of filling some movie time.

His crush decides to sneak them in to the schools swimming pool , which are then caught by her boyfriend who happens to be at the same place where they are , Oh how the plot thickens . As If that wasn’t enough one of the Aliens  dives right into the pool …. Um okay , I think the Alien creature must know where these kids hang out or something, heheh. So anyways, Somehow after they all make a run for it and some get killed….All of the characters we met at the beginning make their way into  a little shopping store where they happen to have …. guns .

Congratulations to everyone for finding the correct places to be at , I guess everyone got the memos on where to be throughout this movie.

 Anyways , all of the sudden they show the military arrive and I think the movie is going to take a course for the better…. but for some reason the characters choose to avoid going with the military crew and instead venture out on their own… I mean .. seriously , would you have done that ?

Now To the Good Stuff and the Last say in this Review….

The Aliens attacking different people , killing them and making babies is very entertaining to watch. Also , Predator is represented in a more cool way in this movie. Both Creatures however are excellently updated and refined. Very good special effects on the FX team. Too bad the plot of the movie ruined their efforts and talents.

All in All … Alien Vs Predator leaves me disappointed at to what could have been a great movie.

-Lucy Love , movie critic