Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Rhyming Review For ‘That’s My Boy’

Rhyming Review For ‘That’s My Boy’

Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg play the leads in the comedy ‘That’s My Boy’
Sandler’s style of comedy is not for everyone and, for some, I bet it does annoy

In this one, a teenage boy impregnates his teacher and, on his own, raises his son
The father grows up as an immature goofball while the son grows up and has no fun

As grown adults they live apart but come together when the dad needs money
Like most Sandler movies most of the humor is stupid and silly rather than funny

The dad must get a large sum of money to pay off debts and avoid being put in jail
Even though he is famous for the story with his teacher, in life, he mostly did fail

His plan to use his son to get the money doesn’t go the way he thought it would
There are things he finds out about the son’s future bride that are not very good

The supporting cast is good led by Tony Orlando, James Caan and Vanilla Ice
It’s not a good sign when praising the supporting cast is all I can say that is nice

It’s rated R due to some raunchy scenes, sexual situations and language that’s bad
It’s not a very good film and the fact that Sandler keeps making these films is just sad

1 thought on “Rhyming Review For ‘That’s My Boy’”

  1. I agree, it wasn’t one of Sandler’s best films but I did laugh the whole time so I still give him two thumbs up.

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