Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Foreign,Horror Human Centipede(First Sequence) (2009)

Human Centipede(First Sequence) (2009)

Tom Six’s Human Centipede follows two American women who meet a surgeon at his house when looking for help after their car breaks down, unknowingly to the girls the doctor specializes in the separation of Siamese twins and has a sick obsession with putting living things together in order to create a “human centipede” made of several people which have one working digestive system. The girls are drugged and later joined by a young Japanese man as well, later they are surgically attached by sewing their mouth to the others anus and they are forced to move as one and survive by eating each others feces.

The concept of the film was almost unbearable to hear and seem to only want to gross out the viewer, but for something as disgusting as the plot of this is it was very toned down and surprised me how little was actually shown. Unfortunately for the film it’s not funny as it’s not a badly written film in the way of most horror films as it takes itself very seriously, yet it’s not scary or gross enough to carry it and not a good enough movie to keep you entertained.

Acting was decent as the main characters only talked for the first thirty minutes or so and the main character Dr. Heiter is played by Dieter Laser who doesn’t seem to be acting much as he may just be a genuine creepy German guy. The films plot was interesting but once they are put together the film becomes very boring and almost pointless and although a sequel is in the works the film has no intentions of setting itself up for one as the ending was very cliche and dumb and I was just waiting for the classic hand raise to show that he’s back for more like all the classic slasher films, but whatever.

I recommend this only to those who have friends willing to watch it with them as this isn’t a very good film and maybe you and a group of friends could get a chuckle out of how stupid some of the characters get at some points or talk about how gross it is, but your not missing out on anything by not watching this one. Also a quick heads up that the film is not completely in English and you will have some subtitles to read throughout but not much.

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  1. Good review and I totally agree. I, like you, was also surprised at the lack of gore/disturbing moments as I had been told by numerous people it was the most disturbing movie they had seen. I guess to be “100% medically accurate” they really couldn’t show a whole lot. I do feel the movie was built up to be something it’s not.

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