So when I heard about this little Independent spirit project bull$#!+ called Winter’s Bone, I figured it would be a repeat of Juno: It would suck. After all, it had the hype of Juno, hell, it had more, people saying that it was the best movie of the year, so it couldn’t have been that good, right? I mean, how could a little independent movie be good enough, especially from a no-name director (Debra Granik, who also co-wrote) and a no-name lead actor/actress (Jennifer Lawrence) and a plot that could easily turn into a terrible catastrophe on screen, to be considered the best movie of the year? Damn, was I wrong.

The movie is about a girl (Jennifer Lawrence in her breakout (Oscar winning, gonna predict it) performance) who is 17 and has to care for her sick mother and two siblings, brother of 12 and sister of 6. While they are struggling, a law man (Garret Dillahunt, who is always amazing) comes by and says that if her father, accused of Meth cooking, doesn’t show up to court, then her house and land will be repossessed. The movie is about her journey from simple girl with many burdens to a fierce creature who will do what she must to survive. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, which was rightfully earned, and deserves recognition from ALL viewers.

Best Aspects: Acting was simply brilliant from leading and supporting actors, writing and direction were brilliant, and the movie was generally near-about flawless.

Worst Aspects: The movie tends to drag at some scenes, but the movie pays off for these long stretches of time by allowing everyone, regardless of mental capability, to understand whats going on. I say its a fair trade.

Bottom Line: A+. The second or third best movie of the year, a triumph in independent film-making. I recommend this movie to any and everyone. See it. It is out now on Netflix and at Blockbuster.