Being a fan of the Harry Potter book series and seeing that Yates was, again, the director of a Potter movie, I was initially weary about going to see this movie, simply because of how bad he messed up the previous few. I figured that they were going to leave many key parts out of the movie and were only going to show the cool parts and was going to show a part that wasn’t in the book just for the sake of an effects-driven coolness. But I was, luckily and amazingly, wrong. The movie had everything that I wanted it to have, from the minor but meaningful conversations to the most important parts of the book that made it the best in the series.

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is looking for Horcruxes, the elements (there are 4) that have part of Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) in them to give Voldemort eternal life. Harry already has possession of one, a locket, and intends to destroy it with the help of faithful companions Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson). The Death Eaters, Voldemort’s servants/followers, are after Harry and intend on killing whoever they must to get to him.

Now, the movie has an occasional “Documentary Proxy” to it, meaning that it will show a shot of the woods, another shot, Harry standing there, no words, no music, and then fade to black for the next scene sequence. But, overall, the film is great, has good acting (hell, it only took them 7 films to accomplish that, as well, I guess 7’s their lucky number), and has a faithfulness to the book that is quite impressive.

Bottom Line: A. Great movie, for all intents and purposes, and the best Potter movie so far, I assure you that.