Timber Falls

“Timber Falls” stars Josh Randall, Brianna Brown, Nick Searcy, Beth Broderick, and Sascha Rosemann, who are basically nobodies. But, take note on how well acted this is. It takes place deep in the woods of West Virgina.

The film first introduces us to a couple (Josh Randall and Brianna Brown) who are planning on taking a peaceful hiking trip through the wood of West Virgina. They arrive where they must decide which trail to take. After a mysterious woman mentions the trail Timber Falls, among many others, the couple unfortunately decide to take Timber Falls. This leads them to a trio of crazed rednecks and a deformed man named Deacon (Sascha Rosemann) and his psycho family. What follows is torture and mayhem that lead to a sacrificial birth.

What really attracts attention here is the surprisingly well acting done by the lead characters. Gore-hounds will be asking the question on whether or not there is enough gore to satisfy their needs. Lets put it this way, If you enjoy the type of films like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Hostel” then you won’t be disappointed. You know how the saying goes, “If you can’t afford stage blood, then don’t make a horror movie”. Well, the film-makers of Timber Falls purchased their fair amount of stage blood for this film.

Just like most horror films, you just might find yourself thinking “how stupid can these people be?” I guess that just adds to the fun. This isn’t by any means a great horror film, but I did enjoy it alot more than I expected. The torture scenes are well shot and the direction done by director Tony Giglio (Chaos) was exceptional, thanks to the help of the actors.

The only dilemma with this film is that goofy and comical ending that just doesn’t suit the movie. The film was clearly a horror movie and the abrupt adding of humor at the end fell flat on its face. Other than that this film was worthy entertainment for fans of torture movies. It is no more than your cut above average horror film that deserves views from fans of fangoria magazine and films that they would recommend. 

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