Horror is a genre in movies that is very hard to aim towards kids. Mostly though, the subject is primarily for adults and teenagers. But 2006’s “Monster House” offers a nice blend at bringing the horror genre to all age groups. It’s a film that’s very good to look at, as well as admiring the technical points that were used shine very well. And although the movie does suffer by a small margin, that’s not saying the film is bad. “Monster House” provides a great experience and gives kids something to be afraid of.

The main plot of the movie surrounds the haunted house subgenera in horror films. We have a crotchety old man named Mr. Nebbercracker who doesn’t want any kids on his property. But across the street from Mr. Nebbercracker lives a young boy named DJ, and he is very suspicious about his neighbor. After DJ’s parents leave town, he and his best friend Chowder accidentally send frail Mr. Nebbercracker to the hospital. This event causes the house to come alive. The two boys start spying and with the help of a young girl named Jenny the trio finds out that Mr. Nebbercracker isn’t all that bad.

“Monster House” excels on a few things. First of all, the animation and character design is amazing. Next, the music fits well and provides good atmosphere for the film. But where the movie really shines is in the camera work. You have one shot of the house and you see it being put together after an attack, and we move inside the house closing on the kids. Now, while all of these praises to the movie are pleasing, the film does suffer.

For one thing, the does feel a bit rushed. I mean it’s not a low-budget production but it seems like the cast and crew tried to get things done quickly. But my biggest gripe with the movie is found at the final act. What I mean by this is that the climax goes on a little too long and it could have been resolved quicker. Another thing that I found disappointing about the climax is that if the house is alive, why doesn’t anybody around the town hears the noise? But this is only a nit-pick and the rest of the movie is quite good.

Overall, “Monster House” is a good film that could have easily been improved. It’s still quite enjoyable and it brings out the horror genre to kids. I recommend this movie for animation buffs and for younger viewers who want a good scare.