If you have high expectations going into a movie, chances are the movie won’t live up to those expectations.  My expectations were extremely low for Balls of Fury, so this may be the reason I didn’t hate this movie as much as I expected.  Granted, this movie will never win any awards for great film making.  If the idea of a sequel is even presented, my paranoia of there being a truly evil being controlling Hollywood will be justified.  If you want to see a stupid comedy that’s good for a few laughs, this might work for you.  The movie was written and made by the folks who give us Reno 911!, and you can definitely see the similarities.  Not as funny as their TV show, or the Reno 911!: Miami movie, but Balls of Fury can kill 90 minutes of your day.  Some times you want a movie you don’t have to focus too much on, and this fits that mold.  Remember, keep expectations low and you will rarely be disappointed.