Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror “Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive” (2010)

“Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive” (2010)

It has been 6 years (2004) when one movie started it all the movie that we all know as Saw .. a movie no one would ever think would have been dragged out and lasted until now (2010) , And would you believe that Saw has a world record for longest running horror franchise in history , and finally in this 7th entry.. the studio , the directors are claiming this is the last Saw , and i do not know weather to believe them or not. But some may concerns with the film , the 3D is just well , not there! .. the trailer makes it look like something is gonna grab you out of your seats or Saw will come flying at you , and the “Can you survive!” till the end , yes i think you can , But most of this stuff is just gimmicks i mean to be honest , it states that this was shot in State of the Art 3D!. Well .. i could not tell. Its sad really to go to all that effort and then for nothing. The actors you could have gotten from anywhere this down-rated B-Movie cast , is not the great , with this series hanging by a thread you would think , they would invest and pay for more better actors. But instead we get the runt of the litter , but i hate to complain about the movie like this , there are some parts of the film i actually found myself enjoying , but also the cheap and cheesy special effects are another thing , there are moments when you say to yourself , that is just cheap! , and it is , you can tell in the films opening trap.

The Story here is simple , Jigsaw who has been supposedly dead since the 3rd one! , still finds and manages way to show up in the films , but with him dead now all the dirty work is being left for his apprentice , Hoffman , an FBI agent who is about to be given away buy Jigsaw’s widow. But the film picks up where the last one the 6th left off , and to be honest i had totally forgot about that ending because it had been so long since i had seen the last saw film , and well thats just how easily you forget this movies after Halloween. But in the films opening trap , the director is trying to show us , that since this is the last one , they are gonna go out with a bang , i mean when they show a trap that is open to the public , there telling us that were not afraid to go above and behind , and i mean thats nifty don’t get me wrong anyway. When this author “claims” to have been inside a jigsaw trap and lived to tell the tale writes a book about what happen , and how he learned to live with it. But see as the movie progresses… you’ll see. He now has to face gruesome challenged and endeavor things hes never had to before if he wants to save his wife in under 60mins as the clock is ticking , Hoffman is still hellbent on getting Jigsaw’s widow and will stop at nothing until he gets here and finishes what he and Jigsaw started.

The only mild good thing going for this film , is its 3D effects , not saying they were great or anything , but some moments , are decent. But the film fails to grasp what it has going for it , i mean the traps are running on empty , i don’t think the film could survive another one , mainly because they have no other good ideas left. There are also some clever edge of your seat moments in the film , i’m not going to lie , i was pouncing at some moments in the films final moments , and some other rare moments , when there were only seconds to live or make something quick. Thats what all i really have to report. The bad is pretty much everything else , i mean you get these cheap actors , that no one has ever heard of. The only really good one is Tobin Bell who shows up for about 5mins total , its just boring the rest of the time , the movie feels like a major let down , i mean the Last! Saw film and thats how they want to end it , but granted , granted the ending was unique and clever and answered alot of Saw Questions , and they ended it in a way that well they shouldn’t have to make another one , but you never no , i will believe there are not making another one when i see it. But all in all the films cliche ending is pretty predictable to say the least. 

Overall this Halloween season we have reached pretty much the end of the line , and my bearing point with these terrible horror films , but to say the least , the film has a satisfying ending to one of the most belated series out there. My Favorite saw film still remains the saw Saw II , Because that film had an effort going for it , and well i just liked it anyway. with the performances not even worth the price of admission , your better of just going and watching Paranormal Activity 2 , that will more likely scare you rather then this film. But i do have to give the film a Rent It , mainly because , well if you have seen the hundred other saw films , and this is the last one , you have to SEE IT!… i mean you can’t just stop with the last one , that would be pointless and stupid , but i hate to say tho it will be weird from no one with no Saw movies at the theater. The 3D effects are cheap and lazy and little to no effort was put into it. You may be held in suspense here and there , but that will not be enough , most people will enter this film with high expectations , and will be let down , i doubt the last saw is gonna be as goos as the other 6 movies , But for now Saw 3D is well ….. “I want to play a game” … yea so do i “End the Saw MOVIES!”





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