The Corpse Bride

Starring Johnny Depp (Victor) and Helena Bonham Carter (The Bride in question) The corpse bride flows in a similar fashion as Tim Burtons earlier ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ it also follows in its predecessors footsteps by being a musical. Set in an 19th century European village The Corpse Bride is a dark but comedic romance.

The premise of the movie is a marriage between the unwilling children of two families (Depp & Watson). Billed as a dark romance, of course this being a Tim Burton (Edward Scissor hands) movie all is not well and the reluctant hero is forced into the underworld to wed the mysterious corpse bride. From here he must escape in order to marry his living bride to be.

The acting, or voice acting is outstanding though I felt the supporting cast far outdid the stars of the piece. Christopher lee deserves special praise for his contribution as the disciplinarian priest. With a film constructed with stop motion models acting is difficult to access yet all the emotion necessary for a romantic movie was present and witty dialogue interjects throughout.

The direction of Tim Burton is how we have come to accept him, dark, gothic and very Vincent Price. Though in my opinion the scene becomes a little samey from time to time as one is whisked back and forth with hardly enough time to understand who said what.

That which is the films greatest triumph is however one of its greatest problems, the models are in no way realistic or lifelike but are clearly caricatures of the actor/actress they are representing. Occasionally you may drift into the feeling that you are simply watching Johnny Depp and Bonham Carter along with a host of stars, rather than the characters they are supposed to be.

Over all the Corpse Bride is a fantastic visual feast, Burton showing that not everything has to be computer generated, the story is new a fresh and the action flows well with every character projecting themselves from the screen. I’m not personally a fan of recurring actor combinations in movies but of course this does not detract away from the magical story. Fans of Depp and Burton will be ecstatic, the rest of us will be happy we watched it.

3 thoughts on “The Corpse Bride”

  1. I loved both A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. I enjoyed Nightmare better, but I like the way Tim Burton made the dead world seem more alive than dead, and the living world seemed more dead than alive. That was an awesome concept.

  2. I thought this was a humerous movie, but at times I got bored with it. To me it didn’t bring anything new but a story.

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