Blades of Glory is a seriously funny film best seen in DVD. It stars Will Ferrel as the leather clad ice skating Lothario, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jon Heder as the pampered skating orphan, Jimmy MacElroy. The story begins when both skaters shamelessly brawled during the awarding ceremony of a skating competition in which they both won as they were tied in first place. As a result of their behavior, the pair was stripped of their medals and banned from men’s singles competitive skating. A few years after this mishap, the two reunited again in a ridiculous turn of events, only this time, they were forced to work together as the first male to male skating pair in the history of the sport.

    As usual, Ferrel did an effortless job in keeping the viewers entertained. This is also with the help of Heder who played a girly looking dude rather well. I liked Jimmy’s character as much as i liked Napoleon Dynamite. Needless to say, the casts of this film all had great on-screen chemistry with one another and they all contributed to the success of this film.
    Though the plot is thin, the concept of a figure skating comedy as a movie is a fresh idea. Witty one liners and dynamic off-beat characters kept me laughing from the beginning till the end. Since we are dealing with a fictitious male – male pairing, inevitably there will be some homophobic jokes involved (as well as crotch jokes and incest lust).

Another feature of this movie is its visual artistry. It is slapstick comedy raised to the art form of competitive ice skating. The film is a unique parody of a sport that is about as funny as zambonied  ice. I was so exhilarated seeing the tandem land a fictitious double axle while goofing off in style and much needed swagger to the beat of heavy metal music.

    All in all, I’d say it was a good movie. Not great in the sense that is forgivably flawed, but still funny nonetheless. Honestly I hated the movie the first time I saw it because i was very much irked by the ending (when they flew towards the sky and made a supposed-to-be funny constellation), it was severely tacky for my taste. Then, as i watched the movie on DVD I grew addicted to it, though I still found the ending quite hideous and unnecessary.