Boy Eats Girl is where teen romantic comedy meets horror, but do they make a lovely pair?

Directed by Stephen Bradley, Boy Eats Girl was written by Derek Landy. The film is an Irish tale about a young man in love with a girl, however the same night he is going to tell her he wants to be more than friends, he accidentally hangs himself. The boy’s mother brings him back to life with a voodoo ritual and he finds he craves human flesh.  Soon a chain reaction of people getting bitten by zombies occurs and most of the school is turned into flesh craving creatures after a school dance. The boy who started the entire infection must team up with his still living friends, including the girl he loves to save them all.

The cast in this film is good, with my favorite character being the two male friends of the lead character. One may recognize singer Samantha Mumba as the lead’s romantic interest.

Overall this film relies heavy on teen music and setting the mood to appeal to that sort of audience. I found it to be a solid and decent film, but my mind kept wandering away. I think what it was lacking was any sort of over the top creative push of action. There is a gory finale, but I would have liked to see some deeper new twist to zombies or perhaps they could have put in some more tragic romantic scenes. The film treats teen romance with a heavy dosage of pop-punk-emo style music and captures that well enough, but “teen romance” is generally puppy love and I would have liked to have seen some genuine emotion portrayed.

I did not find it overly funny, though there were a few chuckles to be had. I think the filmmakers would like the audience to be laughing hard: not going to happen.

Boy Eats Girl is a decent Irish film and I think most people should like it. I’ll forget it in a few days, but it is indeed some harmless, mindless fun for a bit.