Murder Set Pieces

The following review is of a film that seems to be made out of pieces of several genres, creating a picture meant for horror fans. Murder Set Pieces blends an artsy filmmaking approach with music video style, porno, and horror.

Murder Set Pieces was written and directed by Nick Palumbo with Las Vegas as the backdrop and German born Sven Garrett filling in the lead role. It follows a psycho photographer as he seduces women into spending a night of modeling, sex, and death with him. His lust for blood and the dark influence of violence and the past are what seem to drive him.

This movie is visually quite bloody and at times sexy. One may wonder how gore and nudity can combine to be stimulating to the average-joe, but the modeling sessions and the women acting in the film are just too good looking not to notice. In the opening I mention the types of filmmaking styles mixed into this movie, and overall it is more of an artsy adventure in the trippy realms of a psycho than anything. Sven Garrett is quite interesting playing the killer. Tony Todd, from Candyman, has a cameo as the Clerk at a porno store and his scene is somewhat awkward, yet fully entertaining. Gunnar Hansen, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, also has a cameo, along with a couple other notable horror genre faces.

The story follows a formula of loud music, women posing naked, women being butchered, and the killer traveling around Las Vegas. After about 40 minutes you may wish there was more of a plot to the feature, and yet at the same time you’re not exactly bored and you’re not turning the movie off. The plot however, sort of comes into play with a little girl who is the sister of a woman the killer has dated off and on. The girl seems to be the only one suspecting the German photographer of being a bad guy. In the end she is the one to confront the horrors which plague him via a little girl versus big bloody man showdown. How the young actress involved will grow up without being traumatized from the experience of this gig is beyond me.

The fact that the story could have been something more is evident in certain scenes that are fairly pointless, such as watching a man brush his teeth and shave, etc, they become extended time filler moments between the artsy blood spilling. There is also some footage of the World Trade Center plane attacks mixed into the barrage of flashing images and such, and quite frankly that section was another waste of time. In fact that sequence stole away from everything else in the movie and seemed to contradict the overall vibe and path of the killer.

Murder Set Pieces is bloody and violent with lots of nudity and a lot of subversive underlying themes. I am guessing that since there is a Nazi connection and the killer is an angry, German spouting fellow that this horror movie is unacceptable in Germany. However, for the rest of us there is something interesting in the experience that makes it worthy of a viewing by horror fans. I see many complaints online about the directors ad campaign and hunger for attention and that Murder Set Pieces is hyped up trash. I disagree to a percentage and found the movie to be entertaining.

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