The Town is directed by Ben Affleck,now known not only as an actor but as a director. He directed “Gone Baby Gone” back in 2007. Affleck does also star in this drama/action flick with the likes of Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively to name a few. Running time sits at about 2 hours.

        Early on we get introduced to a gang of family and friends led by “Doug Macray”, (played by Ben Affleck) who rob banks and armoured vehicles. The team gets into a little bit of trouble when the bank manager “Claire” gets taken as a hostage when things don’t go exactly as planned. Claire who cannot identify the team eventually gets let go and is watched over to see if she will become a problem. This task is handed over to Doug who quickly becomes attached to Claire and finds himself building a relationship with her unknowingly to the rest of the team. Soon Doug finds himself trying to balance a relationship, his team and the cops without it all falling apart into a million pieces.  Of course, it is all too much to handle.

        Ben Affleck it seems truly knows how to bring the best out in his actors/actresses. Either that or someone can just dang pick them. Part of the team is “James Coughlin” played by Jeremy Renner. I believe Jeremy was perfect for this role. The role he played was intense, confident and just a little bit crazy. To look into his eyes during the movie was to know that Jeremy was deep within his character and the role was very believable. A perfect character who didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, but definitely knew what he stood for. Chris Cooper (October Sky), plays Doug’s father “Stephen MacRay” who spends his time in jail for doing one too many bank jobs back in his day. He acts as a way to access Doug’s past and is in no way apologetic to where he has been or what he has done.

        Of course, the team has a boss, or two in this case that they answer to and take jobs from. Two more brilliant characters. Here we have two sadistic controlling people anyone would love to hate and yet are loved by millions of girls because they run a flower shop. Priceless in my eyes. Later you get the impression that if these two guys didn’t have flowers to attend to, they would be out killing people in record numbers. They are two guys who appear to be constantly in control and will not take no for an answer. They add a certain emotion that was missing, which is someone to dislike. Ah yes, the movie is now complete.

        Look, aside from giving me flashbacks to the movie “Point Break”, this movie is rather original.  The action scenes are good, the love story isn’t too tacky and the comic relief is just right. Will they win Academy awards, more than likely not but it is worth a ticket, popcorn, drink and perhaps a DVD purchase. If Ben keeps hitting home runs like this, he will be very successful behind the camera. Can’t wait for the next one.