Movie Review – Hitman
This movie is based on a video game of the same name, and of which I know nothing about, so forgive me for my stupidity.  It stars Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott and Olga Kurlenko.  It was directed by Xavier Gnes and is rated R mostly for violence.  It ia about 2 hours long. 

 This movie is about a man who was raised from childhood to be a trained killer.  He was assigned a number and there was a bar-code tattooed on the back of his head, just like all of the other little boys.  He gets his directions through a computer and he follows them to the T.  He is the best they have and his name is only a number.  He is sent to kill the Russian president, and from there things go all crazy.  He is attacked, set up and falls for a girl he can never be with, it is the nature of things.

This movie was very well done for a movie based on a video game, of course I might just be partial to video game movies since I also liked Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Lara Croft, and Doom.  The action was fast and exciting and there were very good scenes of violence where the blood looked less grotesque and more creative.  The fact that Timothy Olyphant (plays the main hitman) can kill sixteen men was impressive, although probably not realistic, was fun and let me enjoy the action.  I liked that the action was not always based in reality and that I could enjoy it like a video game.

The comedic lines delivered by both Timothy and Olga’s character Nika was a good change of pace and helped keep the movie from getting too dark or too based on the action.  This helped keep the mood light and made the movie more fun for me.  The one main problem I did have was that there was not a lot of back story.  I wanted to know where the hitman school was based and whose country paid for it, or even if it was a collaborative effort between many countries.  The fact that we got little information about it made me wonder more where these men came from, and what was their point.  Did they kill as government assignees or did they kill when paid by the highest bidder? 

Of course the questions I had may just be the set-up for the next Hitman movie, but I guess we will have to see, unless the information is in the video game.  If you like action movies go see this, and pretty much anyone over the age of 10 can see this one, wait, I forgot, there is some female nudity so it is up to you, the viewer.