toy story 3(2010)

                   This film is absolutely fantastic! Toy story 3 is a MUST see movie, it once again stars Tim Allen and Tom Hanks as the lovable toys Buzz and Woody as they set off on their newest adventure.

It starts off with kid Andy who is now 17, and is off to college. As Andy packs his things for college, he decides to put them in attic. But instead of going in the attic they are accidentally thrown away and wind up at Sunnyside daycare. Where they meet all kinds of new toys and they also meet Lost-o- Huggin bear (voiced by Ned Beatty)who seems really nice and assures the toys they will never have to worry about being abandoned again. Because at Sunnyside, when the children grow up, more come in. All seems well for the toys until they realize that the daycare isn’t as great as they thought, the kids are not old enough for them and treat them badly. Then they soon find out that Lost-o- runs the daycare more a prison, then paradise. The toys now have to come up with a plan to escape Sunnyside daycare and get back to Andy’s house before he goes off to college.

The voice talent in the movie is incredible.  Alongside Allen and Hanks, you have Michael Keaton as the voice of Ken, the original voices of Rex, Mr. and Mrs. potato head, Ham, Jessie, and so much more!

The animation is just outstanding, Pixar really put a lot of detail into this movie, it’s amazing to see.

Much like in the first two toy story movies,toy story 3 is just wonderful, and much more emotional than the first two as well. Go see toy story 3, it’s an amazing movie you will not be disappointed the story is fantastic and this is just overall an amazing film. Easily one of the years best films, and it’s really funny.  I give it and A+.

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