“Enchanted” is a film, like many others, where the animated world collides with the real world. It stars Amy Adams, James Marsden and Susan Saranon. Most of film takes place in the real world, which is good because those are the scenes that worked.

This is a fairy tale that centers around a princess by the name of Giselle planning to get married to Prince Edward. Everything is according to plan until Prince Edward’s evil mother Queen Narissa sends Giselle to the place of no happily ever afters. Prince Edward and his sidekick Pip (a talking squirrel) follow in search Giselle and true loves first kiss. While Giselle is wondering around in the real world, Queen Narissa decides that the only way to keep her son from getting married is to poison Giselle. Yes, you guessed it, a poisoned apple. Sound a little familiar?

What makes “Enchanted” your average run-the-mill Disney is the film has nothing original to offer. This is basically your Snow White/Cinderella fairy tale. The film has some flaws that are forgivable, like the predictably happy ending. What is a fairy tale without a happily ever after? The thing is that some of the flaws are just downright unforgivable. These include how unoriginal and cliche the whole story felt. I kept asking myself “Haven’t I seen this before?” It leaves kinda leaves a “been there, done that” feeling.

Amy Adam does an outstanding job as the always cheerful Giselle. It is just too bad that Prince Charles isn’t exactly Prince Charming. Everyone will find Pip to be the funniest character and the filmmakers failed to make his character shine.

I warn you that this is musical/fantasy. Those who aren’t fans of musical might find themselves to be rolling their eyes. I am one those who isn’t a fan of musicals, but for some reason I enjoyed those scenes the most. This was in fact entertaining, but it is far from the enchanted movie experience that I was hoping for. The story’s concept could have been put to good use if it had some new ideas. I am sure that this film will find a wide variety of audiences who will like it. “Enchanted” is one that young girls will adore, but for me it was your basic Disney movie.