The Last Song is the latest in a entry of Romantic Stories from the Best-Selling author who is known best for his masterpiece “The Notebook”. And knowing a Nicolas Spark movie you should immediately known no one is gonna make it out alive , or somebody is gonna die. But that is not the problem with this movie. The movie is just to well over dramatic , and that mainly comes from the main characters Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. There very Likeable leads and maybe with better material and a better script (which surprises me!) this is a better script then most Nicolas Spark Adaptations , most recent (Dear John) which has become my least favorite. The films pace is kind of slow at point also , with a running time of 100 mins i felt that the movie dragged , it felt like at time i was watching a soap oprea , which annoys me , why i am watching something that i could get on TV for free!?.

The story unfolds after Ronnie (Cyrus) was arrested for what? we don’t know. and for the summer there mother (Kelly Preston) is sending them to live with there not – so distant father (Greg Kinnear) who left them when the parents split. Ronnie does not approve and she really dislikes here father for what he did to her family and wants nothing to do with him , and out of anger runs – off and runs into a boy (Hemsworth) Will , who is strange and seems very interested in Ronnie falls for her , and together there relationship blossoms , but then there is some weepy grap , and some other stuff , that was a little unnecessary but at the same time it did feel needed. I did like (Kinnear) character and it was nice seeing him in this kind of role and this kind of sympathetic role as the father who abandon his children (and has a secret) that he is not telling them. Which is like i said something you would come to expect from a film of this certain aspects. 

The acting in the film was well ok?. Thats what begs the major question here , Miley Cyrus just does not have the chops to carry on a strong enough movie or “Drama” ; which is what the film is. She does put in a good effort and i do give her credit , but like i said its not enough maybe if the film took time to process and well develop and not lack , and roam around in some the least favorable characters that we do not even care about. I was actually surprised by the movie it has the better story and screenplay then the others , and maybe this is because the author (Nicolas Sparks) wrote the screenplay and because it seems to me the books are extremely better then there rip-off movies. So Nicolas Sparks i do give you credits for making the better movie , but still a weepy and forgettable movie. 

Overall: the film draps lacks and is boring , I was bored for most of the movie , i like some of the estranged stuff and i did feel light emotion at the climax of the film , also the little brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman) is actually quite good , i did feel his pain in his breakout scene of the movie (which i do not want to give away) he was better then most of the cast alone , i did enjoy Greg Kinear’s presents , he does give the movie more sparkle then what it has , but even with the talents he has he still can not save this movie , but for the mights and the plausible yet reliable storyline i am gonna say go ahead and maybe rent this film more then likely if you have daughters this movie will appeal to them , but honestly if do not care for this movie , and just don’t watch it and skip it all together you are not missing anything .. 





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