Sometimes there is no better way to reflect on life than sitting in a dark room and watching the light emitted from the television; pictures moving as dictated by whoever designed the Dvd that is spinning. It really helps the moment if you’re watching a good movie, and with random rental choices it can be a gamble. This is a reflection of the first time I spent with the movie First Snow, or actually just a brief movie review.

First Snow was directed by Mark Fergus and stars Guy Pearce, as well as Piper Perabo, William Fichtner, J.K. Simmons, and Rick Gonzalez. It is the story of a traveling salesman who visit’s a fortune teller and comes away from the experience debating whether or not man can change his fate, as his own mortality comes in to question.

The supporting cast does a great job, but this movie is all about Guy Pearce. I don’t mean the actual messages in the movie itself, but rather the talent driving the vehicle. At times his voice reminded me of Val Kilmar, and though his face is somewhat unique, Guy Pearce tends to be one of those actors you’ll confuse with someone else; me I always used to mix him up with Viggo Mortensen. One could say this is because Pearce is unremarkable, or they could witness him in something like First Snow and say it is because he is a truly fine actor and can bring something different to every role, making him a chameleon of sorts. Guy Pearce doesn’t just play a slick salesman in this movie, he plays a human. This is an Oscar-worthy performance.

The atmosphere for this film was perfectly rich with contemplation and a sense of impending doom. It goes from being a sorrow laced drama to a paranoid thriller; moody, suspenseful, and beautiful the entire way. The New Mexico landscape with mountains and outstretched skies help out a lot.

I don’t want to give away too much about this film because it is one I highly recommend, even if while watching it I could predict certain events that might happen; they were executed in a way that I would not have wanted to change. The ending can be interpreted in a few different ways, or so it would seem judging the arguments spanning across the world wide web. I liked it.

First Snow should be one of the first dramas someone looks for on the rental shelf.