Fred Claus

“Fred Claus” stars Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, and Kevin Spacey. This family christmas comedy is directed by David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers). This is far from the Vince Vaughn that you have seen in “Wedding Crashers”, which in my opinion is a good thing.

When Nicholas Claus was born, Fred made a promise. To be the best brother anyone could ask for. But, as Nicholas grew, his mother and father always seemed to favor him. Everything that Fred did, Nicholas managed to win over his parents. As this went on, Fred began to despise his younger brother and became naughty. After years of never visiting, Fred decides to visit his younger brother in hope that he will loan him a hefty sum of money. Meanwhile, Fred and the elves are unaware that Santa’s workshop is under heavy surveillance by Clyde Northcut,(Kevin Spacey) who is trying to shut down Santa’s Workshop.

I love the cast. Kevin Spacey and Paul Giamatti in particular. Kevin Spacey does a terrific job as a character that you grow to hate, but in the end can’t help but love. Once again, Paul Giamatti proves that any role (whether it is a determined criminal or a chubby lovable Santa) is suitable for him. Some may think that the Superman/Spacey part was cheesy, but for me it just added to the tender and touching moments that the film has in store.

I also couldn’t help but enjoy the scenery. The set was done with such magical touch and the elves added to the many laughs and chuckles. The main problem with the film is the fact that it will have a hard time competing with crowd-pleasing Christmas films such as “Elf”. Call me nuts…but I enjoyed this film much more than “Elf”. It isn’t great, but it is definitely far from bad. A pleasant holiday film that adult may find more amusing than kids.

“Fred Claus” delivers as a Christmas present for the whole family. The best holiday film in years. Paul Giamatti makes for an excellent Santa Claus, Kevin Spacey delivers as the dreadful evildoer and Vince Vaughn does a surprisingly sincere job as his naughty, but big-hearted, older brother. A warm, funny, and wildly entertaining Santa Claus picture.

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