The 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds stars Anthony Edwards, Robert Carradine, Ted McGinley, Jamie Cromwell, Donald Gibb, and Bernie Casey.  It is produced by Ted Field and Peter Samuelson.  The director is Jeff Kanew.

The story centers around Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe, two best friends that are going away to college.  When they are walking to their dorm, they are taunted by the Alpha Betas, the football players.  As Lewis and Gilbert are settling in, the jocks are partying.  During the party, they accidentally burn down their fraternity house.  The quarterback, Stan Gable, suggests they move into the freshman dorm.  So, all the football players storm the dormitory, literally throwing out everyone inside, including Lewis and Gilbert.  The now homeless freshmen are all taken to the gymnasium where beds have been set up for them to sleep on.  The dean of the college also informs them that they will be allowed to join fraternities.  After all the fraternities on campus have chosen their members from the outcast freshmen, there are still a few that are left to live in the gym.  Lewis sends everybody out to see about all the open rooms in the area.  Lewis himself finds a dilapidated house that is available, so they all decide that they will fix up the old house and live in it.  But in order to remain in the house, the boys must find a national fraternity sponsor.  One by one, they all turn them down except for one, Lambda Lambda Lambda.  When they go to see the president, U.N. Jefferson, he says that they have very little chance because they’re nerds.  One of the nerds indicates that the bylaws for the fraternity state that they have to be given a 60-day probationary period before being accepted or rejected.  So the boys invite U.N. Jefferson to a party to celebrate their probationary fraternity status.  While the party is going on, the Alpha Betas and the Pi Delta Pi’s send some pigs into the house to ruin it.  The nerds immediately retaliate by installing some hidden cameras in the Pi’s dorm and putting liquid heat in the football players’ jocks.  U.N. Jefferson, upon hearing of these events, is impressed by the boys being able to stand up for themselves and accepts them as the newest chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda.  But they realize that they will never be treated fairly if the Alpha Betas continue to run the Greek Council, the main student authority on campus.  The new Tri-Lambs must win the homecoming carnival to take control of the council.

Revenge of the Nerds is, in a way, an inspiring film.  There are these boys who are repeatedly discriminated against and humiliated demanding that they be treated as equals.  They run into many obstacles along the way, some that may discourage others from continuing the fight.  These nerds, as they are called in the film, first tried to live as equals by fixing up and living in an old house together only to have a brick thrown through their window on the first morning.  They went to the Greek Council for help and were ignored.  So, they decided to form their own fraternity, thinking that might earn a little respect.  But their fraternity party is sabotaged, prompting them to retaliate and earn the respect of the fraternity’s national president and, therefore, earn full membership into Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Another fascinating feature of the story is the addition of the character “Booger”.  Booger is considered one of the nerds, but he seems to be the most unnerdly of all of them.  He is more of an outcast type rather than a stereotypical nerd.  But he is fiercely loyal to his Tri-Lamb brothers and aggressively defends them when necessary.  After the Alpha Betas destroy their party, he suggests they blow their houses up to which Gilbert says, “We can’t resort to violence.  That would just bring us down to their level.”  But he agreed with Booger that immediate retaliation was required.  They then decided to, instead, install the cameras at the sorority and put liquid heat into the Alpha Beta’s jocks.

To wrap, if you like comedy with an underdog tone to it, Revenge of the Nerds is the perfect movie for you.