James L. Brooks, Executive Producer of the show The Simpsons and director of Broadcast News and Terms of Endearment, has made quite a name for himself. The comedies he has made are legendary, and that certainly doesn’t exclude this movie. As Good As It Gets are as serious as the comedies get… to making you literally laugh your ass off. The movie is dramatic at times as well, and the movie provides you with a hilarious view at the comedy of problems, and the awkwardness of love.

Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is a man with problems… medically-diagnosed problems. He has OCD. In his building, he is living with a gay man (Greg Kinnear… maybe he was playing himself in this movie?) whose dog, Verdell, gives Udall hell. Also in this feature are Carol (Helen Hunt), a mother of a sick child and the only waiter who can tolerate Melvin. When the gay man is brutally beaten, Melvin is tasked to look after Verdell while the man recovers. The comedy and seriousness and romanticism kick in shortly after this, and gives the audience a hilarious time at the movies.

Best Aspects: Great writing, great cast, and fantastic direction from Brooks.

Bottom Line: A+. One of the funniest and most well done romantic-comedies ever.