Movie Review: The Descent
This movie is a quiet horror movie, with a lot of blood.  It stars Shauna McDonald, Natalie Mendoza and several other female characters.  It is rated R, unless you watch the Unrated DVD.  This movie is rated R for violence, gore and intense scenes.  It is an hour and 39 minutes.

This movie is set in the wilderness and in a cave.  It is about a group of women who set out to have adventure after adventure after adventure.  After the first scenes of rafting we find the main character, played by Shauna McDonald, loses her husband and her child in a horrific accident.  She is led to a new adventure by her friends, when they all decide to go splunking.  The caves they enter are deep and dark, as they should be, and the scenes are frighteningly intense in their suspense.  The women meet with some unexpected monsters and some of them lose their lives to the monsters the see, and some of them lose their lives to unseen inner monsters. 

This movie was very good at building up a good feeling of suspense.  I liked the fact that they were all stuck in this cave, with no way out and only monsters to face, monsters who want to kill them for no other reason than survival.  It was a dark movie, and some of the scenes were done so well even I felt a little claustrophobia.  I don’t like dark spaces, and this movie kept me in them.

The one problem I had with this movie was the ending, it didn’t lead to where it promised, and I was a little dissapointed with where it left off.  Understandinly it is nice to get a shock, especially in a horror movie, but at the end there should be some relief, which I didn’t felt this movie had.  There was no nice happy ending, nor were there answers to the many questions the movie brought up.  Like where did the monsters come from?  That was kind of a biggie, and ideas were placed through the movie, but no conclusions were met.

All in all, I wasn’t sure if I liked this movie a lot, or possibly just a little bit.  The ending left me unsatisfied, but the suspense was really good.  I say you be the judge.  See it, tell me if you like or don’t like it.