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The Possession-Review

Newly divorced Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) and Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are trying to start their separate lives over while raising their two children. When Clyde gets the girls for the weekend, they stop at a garage sale for supplies to his new house. His youngest, Emily (Natasha Calis) finds an antique box and takes it home. From the first night of having the box, Emily starts to hear a voice and that voice turns out to be demon who wants to possess her. Clyde later discovers this fact and with Stephanie thinking he’s gone mental and no one believing his story, Clyde force matters into his own hands to be rid of the demon wit the help of a Rabbi. Will Clyde banish the demon? Can he banish a spirit? Will the police arrest him for his abnormal behavior around the children? Review: Out of all if the exorcist/demon possession movies I’ve seen over the years, I can say that this movie is number three on my list. The first being The Exorcist (a classic) and second Paranormal Activity (because I believe that happens everyday). I liked the story of the demon using an object to obtain its victims. Natasha did a wonderful job as the average daughter turned possessed evil being. Even the way she moved about and looked at others was successfully creepy. Jeffrey did well too but not a break-through performance and that goes second for Kyra. Unlike other films like this one, I liked that the possession took place in multiple locations whereas as the others are mainly always just at the victim’s home. This film is nice to watch on date night or Halloween-although I recommend watching The new Silent Hill movie first.  All in all, I will see this film again.  Rating: 3.5 stars

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