I went into the watch with low expectations. After reading other critic reviews; some good, most bad, i wasn’t expecting much, but i hoped the talents of the main cast members would prevail.  Alas, my hopes were in vain, as what i was subject to boring characters, so-so story and repetitive jokes. Directed by Akiva Schaffer, who also directed the underrated hot rod, The Watch tars Ben Stiller as Evan, a store worker who starts a neighbour hood watch group after a co-worker of his is murdered. Vince Vaughn a Bob, Jonah Hill as Franklin and Richard Ayoade as Jamarcus.

The film begins with a pointless voiceover from Stiller stating something along the lines of “we don’t want to know whats out there”. We then see the murder of the aforementioned co worker which the entire story is based upon. Surprisingly little is mentioned of this as the movie goes on, even though Stiller’s character is based on this event.

As the four main characters come together, only Ayoade’s Jamarcus is worth watching, portraying a character similar to his character Maurice Moss from the I. T. Crowd. Jonah Hill is dull, surprisingly since he was great in 21 Jump Street. Vince Vaughn is equally disappointing, being over the top in a bad way. Ben Stiller, compared to his other works, sleepwalks through this role.

Crucial to the success of a comedy movie is laughs, and unfortunately, The Watch doesn’t have many. One of the few is a photo session involving one of the aliens. Laughs involving the main cast come from Ayoade, but most of the other comedic moments come from the supporting cast members. Billy Crudup as the creepy next door neighbour and R. Lee Ermy as an angry local resident gives glimpses of how good the script could have been, especially since it was co written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

When we get to the aforementioned aliens and the science fiction part of the movie, the movie starts to falter as the sci-fi part fails to entertain as much as the comedy and that didn’t entertain as much to begin with.

I was surprised to find out that I enjoyed watching the aliens. Whilst they are no Xenomorphs, they are much more fun to watch than the aliens found in Battle Los Angeles and the recently released Battleship. As the film reaches the end, there are various plot twists that I saw coming a mile off and it leaves no surprises. As a comedy, its acceptable, only because of Ayoade and supporting cast members, but as science fiction, it is severely lacking.