It starts with a spring day in a rural town.  A doctor is finishing up paperwork, while her husband (the sheriff) watches an opening day baseball game.  But wait, there is somebody coming onto the baseball field and he’s got a gun.  This is the beginning of the movie The Crazies and the beginning of a horror movie which ultimately frustrated me.  This remake of the 1973 film of the same name stars Timothy Olyphant as the town sheriff, and Radha Mitchell as his wife and the town doctor. Olyphant and Mitchell live a pretty typical life in rural Ogden March, Iowa.  That is until the citizens begin simply well going crazy.  An unresponsive resident comes onto the baseball field during the game and, after showing no response to Olyphant’s suggestion to put the gun down, is shot by Olyphant.  Another resident locks his wife and son in a closet, sets the house on fire, and acts with such indifference that it can only be seen as frightening.  Meanwhile, a mysterious body of a parachuter along with a large aircraft is found in the local water reservoir.  Soon the USA army arrives with a license to kill anybody who is believed the have “the crazy”.  It eventually becomes a fight for Olyphant and Mitchell to avoid the US Army and the local band of crazies as they try to make it to a city that is outside of the Army’s containment. The overall plot of the crazies seems like a bit stale.  Not necessarily the idea of an entire town gone mad so much, but the whole US Army part in the movie.  It seems like a pretty common fallback for the bad guys in the movies to be the government.  That part in itself takes something out of the movie, you feel like the writers have fallen back into a familiar pattern.  There is where my frustration began.  I felt disappointed that the writers couldn’t have come up with a better way to explain the origin of the “craziness”.  After avoiding a typical formula for a scary movie, it fell back onto this age old villian.  Despite this hinderance, and as stated before, the plot is original and for the most part avoids cliche.  The suspense is surprisingly well surprising.  Too often a horror’s suspense can be seen from a mile away, such as the protagonist checks the killers closet to find evidence and of course the killer always comes back home too early.  The crazies refreshingly avoids that and there where moments when I legitimately did not expect it. The acting is solid, Olyphant and Mitchell do a fine job of adding the crucial ingredient to any horror move: raw human emotion.  Their portrayal is not over the top and ,with thanks to the script, non-cliche.  The Crazies even do a fine job of acting, although it doesn’t take much skill to act like a bunch of mindless crazies.  This again points to the script and the good work (except for the hinderance with the US Army) done by the writing team. Overall, the Crazies is an above-average horror movie.  While I haven’t seen the original, I can only assure you that it does not disappoint.  This is unlike the various remakes of classic horror films Hollywood throws out every year.  This movie, despite it’s freshness and creativity, was hindered by a simple mistake to throw an old, stereotypical villain into the mix.  And this mistake, cost the movie the opportunity to be great.  Ultimately this movie, while it falls short of what it could have been,  is nonetheless still an entertaining story of a town gone insane and a couples journey through hell and back.