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No Country For Old Men

This movie stars Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem.  It is rated R mostly for violence, and is about 2 hours and 13 minutes long.  I was directed by the Cohen brothers, and seems like it was a good fit for them, and a different thin than what they usually do.  If you are familiar with their movies you know what I am talking about, it not watch Fargo or Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?.

This movie is about a guy named Llewelen, played by Josh Brolin, who stumbles upon a crime scene and finds one guy and one dog alive.  He decides that he doesn’t really want to get involved and takes the money and runs, well kind of.  He is chased by the baddest (in a good way) bad guy I have yet to see, named Anton Sugar, played by Javier Bardem.  Tommy Lee Jones is the small town cop just trying to figure it all out, and save the good guy.  In the end no one really wins, there is blood, death, and promises kept.

 I thought this movie was very inventive, especially since there are a lot of movie goers and such that want their stories wrapped up in a nice little package.  This movie will not deliver that, instead it gives you a thoughtful conversation afterwards.  I liked the drama, and the characters were quite well played out.  I have not seem very many “human” bad guys who behaved or were as evil and psycopathic as Anton Sugar.  He was a delightful and scary character to watch.  Llewelyn was a guy who wanted to give his wife the best, and yet he wasn’t a guy who was selfish, or bad, he just didn’t make the right decision.  You pretty much love all of the characters, even though you really want to hate some of them.

My one real problem with this movie was that at times it was a little slow, and I wasn’t really sure where it was going.  There was a scene with Woody Harrelson and it left me a little confused as to what the point of his character was.  I would have liked a little more description in some areas about what the whole situation was, but then again it might have taken away from the drama and the suspense that was being built from the beginning of the movie until the end.

All in All I liked this movie.  In the end you walk away wanting to discuss it further with someone, anyone, and for a movie I feel like this is a good change of speed, especially from the mindless movies that just want to provoke feeling.  I think if you are interested in a real drama with a real story go see this movie, just don’t expect things to end like you want them to.  Plus it might bring you closer to the father!

8 thoughts on “No Country For Old Men”

  1. this movie was horrid…long boring and they build up this big shoot out between the two guys and you never see it. What a pointless movie wish I didnt spend soo much money on going to the movies.

  2. Is this a good movie? Yes.

    Does it have an unsatisfying ending for most entertainment-minded, weekend paying patrons? Yes.

  3. I think the whole point of the Woody Harrelson Character was to establish a nemisis and a little more background on Anton… Woody’s character mistakenly surmises that his survival is a result of his prowess as a warrior… believeing himself to be on par with him… a man apart… he is not….

  4. Anton is a phantom ghost trying to teach you to kill your ego. If you do not understand this movie, you have one more chance at the end when you realize Tommy Lee Jones name is also Anton.

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