The Last Airbender you may remember was a very popular animated childrenshow on Nickelodeon from 2005-2008. That is how long this movie felt. The Last Airbender is and adaptation from that animated show , from director M. Night Shyamalan i mean really after the sixth sense and Signs he really has not succeeded on the silver screen , with his flop Lady In The Water , and Critical bomb , The Happening , now well he is continuing in that line of success. This film is by far one of the worst films of the year. Its just Awful , Disruptive , uninspiring , which is not what you would come to expect from a film like this. The fantasy level is on High , which just does not work here. The flawed script , is just so panned out , it can not save the screenplay , the performances , and for that matter anything.

Now i like Jackson Rathbone , he has very good potential to become a great actor , i did enjoy him as jasper in Eclipse , but his good talents are extremely wasted here. It just feels like he phoned in his part. He tries so hard and tho he is what really keeps the screen alive , he still ultimately failed , he’s lines are so mediocre , and laughable , that he can not keep a straight face , i just feel like all the talents in this movie are wasted. Dev Petel is a great example fresh off his role in Slumdog Millionaire and this is how he is going to start of a great career? i have no idea. But he needs to change his ways and maybe fast. Shyamalan also made another big mistake by converting this movie to 3D at the last minute , and i got to say it was AWFUL , the 3D was terrible , they never are when they are converted , and not made for 3D , same with earlier this year with Clash Of The Titans , which is also one of the worst films of the year.

The Story here , is basically what you would expect if you watched the TV showback awhile ago. The Nations are at war , for the most part, the fire nation , are taking over , they capture all benders , and force them into prison or slavery , because they know or they fear , the fact they could destroy the fire nation. Then we meet Prince Sokka. Who has for the most part been condemned. Has been bound as a coward , who his father has lost all respect for him..unless he brings back the Avatar which is a master of all 4 elements and has been loss for a 100 years. Now Sokka must capture him in order to regain his power. And for Once again be a leader of the all-powerful Fire Nation. 

Now when these two stranglers follow along a pathway they find the Avatar Aang , who has been frozen for over a 100 years. Now he can bring peace to a world at war. The acting in this movie or the performances , i did feel a nice supporting vibe from Rathbone , but nothing modest or anything i can recommend for fans of the TV show. The lines are just rushed , dumb , and idiotic. I Wonder if they know what they are even saying , there cornball lines are so Cheesy , but i did not write the screenplay or script. The actors like i said try as hard as they can but it can not save this movie. The cast of leads here , are very talented including newcomer , as Aang , but still they are all wasted , with gusto i hated this movie , and the performances. 

The directing , was utterly terrible , i could not ask for a more prepared , better director no i can?. Shyamalan can not hold a movie long-enough for it even to collapse , he needs to leave things where they were and not mess around with them , So stuff need the sense to stay on the Book Shelve or Television Screen. It is amazing how that happens , or there are adaptations that are truly great , then there are ones (like last Airbender) that are just not. Maybe in the right hands this movie could have been good. But this movie flops and it is hard to keep up with. It goes one-way then goes another. Another thing this movie Drags on way more then it should. It runs a 103 mins which is a relive because if it was 2hrs i was going to leave. I Couldn’t stand another minute thank god it got over when it did. 

The Visuals were good , you could say that i could not really tell , i had a headache from the terrible 3D , but the visuals were decent , but they were destroyed and Blinded by the terrible Converted 3D , which i do not know why people do that its just a waste of time and OUR money , i spent an extra $2.50 on this movie , and no way was it worth it. Not even close thank you director. Umm but anyway i like the style somewhat of this movie. Visuals were like i said decent (which is not saying much) its not like Avatar visuals. But i can not save this movie , it will keep your eyes occupied , for the most part while you are being ripped-off of your 2 dollars.

I Do Hope and sometime soon that Shyamalan can return to his glory days when he was the master of what he captured , but this is not his thing , hes complex to try and make everything Fantasy just does not work for him , he is used to making things that you don’t see and suppose to make you scared but this movie is not even come close. It felt rushed , and that does not make a movie fun at all. It makes it boring , and a drab. And most people i would believe would agree with me. And all Critics i think are to well for the most part. They see all this movies flaws , the LAST Airbender i clearly stated above is by far one of the worst films of the year. In entirely you should skip it. 

Overall , people or the fans have such high hopes for this movie hoping that it is going to be awesome truth be told it is not going to be and the sooner the people in this world no that the better , I’m truly advising people to avoid this movie at all cost. It does not work , its flawed , dumb , it jumps for place to place which does not work , mediocre. Richly un-entertaining. Airbender can barley bend itself from being a good movie , and if you do go against this and go see this movie you are most definitely going to need to bring an asprin cause you are going to have a headache when leaving this movie. The director is unqualified and has no idea what he is doing , the performances or the talents are wasted all in all this movie is Terrible!….





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