“The Losers” (2010)

The film the Losers is not what i would say antcipated or anything like say Kick Ass or Avatar. I wanted to see it because it look interesting or it looked good action packed and well for a PG13 movie it did have good action , The cast here was different but i think you couldent ask for a Better cast, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Idris Elba , Now here is a girl we have been seeing alot Zoe Saldana also Columbus Short and here is an unknown i think not alot of people now or have even heard of , Oscar Jaenada and then the very clever and witty Bad guy Jason Patric as the infamous Max who is setting out to start a war.The film starts off at a fast pace which is always good i liked the way the movie started we meet the CIA operatives squad known as The Losers , because anyone else would be dead by now. We first meet Jake Jensen he is like the Tech guy of the group played very hilrious by Chris Evans he usually has the best one lines in this movie. Then Pooch Columbus Short who is kind of in charge of like Bombs and stuff like that. Roque who is the guy that usually does all the killing with his huge swiss army knife.O and i cant leave out Cougar played by what seems like an outsiderOscar Jaenada he is the Sniper of the squad he can shoot you out 10 stories up on the empire state building. Wait then there is the Squad Leader who is charge of everything Clay played well by Jeffrey Dean Morgan i like seeing him in an action movie instead of these Rom/Com this movie just seems like where he should be you know?. Well the Elite squad named the Losers are a bunch of wise cracking . killing machines well only if they have to. There trying to bring down a Murdereing Fiend who basically wants the Losers Dead and whats to wage a way on the CIA, After the Losers are sent on a special task mission into the Bolivian jungle to bring down a guy they may no the whereabouts of the infamous MAX.After saving the lifes of 25 children after releasing the children onto the helicopter the copter is shot down, The Team was suppose on that plane so now believed to be dead the squad now must live out there lives unknown and unseen by everybody, but at the same time plotting there revenge on Max for framing them and Murdering inocent children. The team then meets Aisha a mysterious girl who shows up at just the right time played by Zoe Saldana. Who at first tries to kill Clay but then makes a propostion to him that could help them bring down MAX.The team is seeing this it is there only chance at getting home to there familes and friends. Now is this movie corny and cheesy? Yes is it a cliched mess? Definatly is it worth your time? Absoulutly!.The best parts about this movie are the Cliches and the stuff in this movie that would be impossible to do its all worth it!. This film does lets say have a HUGE twist in the ending that i did not see coming which shocked me. The Twist you may have to watch out for because it comes at out unexpected. which is always the best, the jokes are played out fairley well in this movie , Chris Evans has the best one liners and then Max played by Jason Patric was just really funny in this movie as the bad guy!. They did leave this film open for a sequel which i dont think is gonna happen considering how much money it is making. But i liked it i think you will to go see The Losers. Because anyone else would be dead by Now.A-ReviewdByNateRunTime98minsRatedPG13Thanks For Stoppin Buy!

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