a very shory 1hr and 39mins

Directed by 

Phillip Noyce


 Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor

A case of seemingly mistaken identity turns into a complex mole hunt that reveals a conspiracy concerning the rebirth of the cold war.


Salt is an action heavy thriller starring the manliest heroine in movie history Angelina Jolie who seeks to usher in a new era of espionage by resuscitating the cold war.Through a series of red-hearings and predictable plot twists that even a novice could spot SALT runs like the fugitive and improvises like MacGyver, but there is a method to her madness that elevates this generic thrill ride to a suitable action plateau even though the proceedings are short on everything including length and logic.


However predictable SALT is and for me i could count the ways on a napkin, it is fairly descent excapism albeit short on narrative cohession and long on  suspension of disbelief. Our plucky heroine battles hordes of trained operators on her way to the top of the food chain taking no prisoners. She sabotages and injures her victims with mixed martial arts and a variety of weaponry that would make James Bond blush.


Unlike INCEPTION a single tug at a spoiler could cause this so called mystery to dissolve like an antacid tab.  Nevertheless, i have a rule for certain movies that fall into this category and that rule is simple.  Keep the action going as long as possible so that the viewer doesn’t realize how flimsy the material is. On that level Noyce admirably channels Paul Greengrass of JASON BOURNE fame and ushers in a possible trilogy. Although; the writers will have to try a little harder on the next outing if they want to be taken seriously.


Performance wise this is a one woman operation so to speak and when ever you have Jolie leading the charge your in good hands. I just hope that if and when they choose  to make a sequel they give her a formidable opponent like say, Jennifer Aniston.

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