The movie Captivity received a boost of publicity thanks to an ad campaign that offended a few people. However, the shocking reputation gained before anyone had even seen the film may be more shocking than the content of the movie itself.

Captivity was directed by Roland Joffe based off of a Larry Cohen story, Cohen shares screenplay credit with Joseph Tura. Elisha Cuthbert headlines this film, however you may also recognize Danielle Gillies who did some work on a Masters of Horror episode and Pruitt Taylor Vince that big guy who’s eyes never sit still. The story is simple: Cuthbert plays a model who is kidnapped and then goes through a series of tortures in a basement like area.

Did I say the story was simple? I think I meant non-existent; pointless. The special features of the Dvd may go on and on about the underlying messages within the film, but to the average viewer that isn’t really what is playing on screen. What do they see? Just another torture movie, without too much excitement to it. What are they supposed to see? Mixed messages about beauty and on top of that an even stranger one about the world we live in and the access we give strangers to the most intimate details of our lives. Cuthbert’s character does so via being a celebrity, but the rest of us tend to fall into detailing our lives on social blog sites such as Myspace or strive to get on our own reality shows without thinking of the possible psycho kidnapping consequences.

The beginning of the film seems like the director was going to take the torture sort of scenario and make it more artistic. The number of trick camera shots and interesting views cannot be counted on two hands, but then the film digresses into a series of small tortures and mind games played on the captive female and a lot of her passing out and the screen going black; just to edit us back into her waking up for another series of whoopi-doo. Fans of gore may enjoy at least one scene in which there is some acid to skin action, however, a later scene involving a cocktail of fake eyeballs and etc just seems more suited for a kid’s Halloween party in terms of disgust or scare level.

The thing Captivity promised viewers to set it apart from films such as the Hostel series or Saw was an original twist. If you choose to watch this movie regardless of my review here, which of course you should make up your own minds, I can almost guarantee you will see the twist coming from a mile away. The movie is all around a predictable event at every turn.

The acting is standard with no one or no thing really jumping out at me as impressive or applause worthy.

Captivity is by no means captivating and by no means really worth spending time on.