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The Sequel: Good Or Bad?

You’ve read the title correctly, and I have to ask, are sequels actually needed? I guess it depend’s on who you ask and where you look. I mean some case’s we find the sequel to be better then the film before. I can name them too!  Spiderman, and then there was New Moon, (dont judge me). The point is, they happen, the question however, is are they actually needed. The answer is obvious. Yes. They do seem to be a requirement, I mean whenever I watch an awesome movie, I’m like: “Dude they gotta make another one.” and whenever they dont come through i’m like “Dammit!”

I’ve watched movies that I’ve felt didn’t need a sequel. Like when two people who have no buisness having offspring decide to comsumate. I can name those also (Bring It On, Joy Ride, Animal (With Ving Rhames) And it wasn’t the acting on his part: but the overall plot of the film altogether, I mean, a minister in prison who frames the animals son on the outside in oreder to control him on the inside? Not as cheesy as it sounds when written down but once it’s seen  on screen you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about. Ryan Combs Who’s directed and starred in a few independent films as such as “Straight Outta Compton,” and “Dirty KopZ.” While not a housewhole name, he as enough of a background to be respected. However the ”Animal.” In my humble opinion should have been locked in it’s cage.

I love Movies! I mean, it’s the reason I decided to do this, to put my thoughts on the page for every one and their moms to read and disect. In short, this is what I signed up for. But when you find a good, or sensational film, you find yourself hoping that the sequel made after said film would be as equally as dope. But that is uaually not the case and that is a very said thing. But their is light at the end of the tunnel. Some sequels have not only lived up to, but have actually out done their parent film. I chalk this up to studios actually caring about the fans, and the project which they produce. The same cast and crew can make a bigger diffrence then many acknowledge, and until everyone in Hollywood reailizes this, we will all be stuck with the mediocre Sequel, and who want’s that?  Films and Music to me, are the only true forms of storytelling that everyone can get into, (since many people act as if books are toxic). And if your going to do it do it right..otherwise leave it alone. We pay for these films and if you can succeed with pulling me in the first time, then a second shouldn’t be so hard, I mean you already know what I want! So I just want to know, should a good movie be giving a chance at a second life? Or should we just let a good thing be what it is and be happy? Sequels: Good or bad? You be the judge.

3 thoughts on “The Sequel: Good Or Bad?”

  1. It does depend on the film. Certain film sequels are forced for the money, that much is clear when you see it. If the story is wrapped up, and the characters should have no motivation to return in an interesting form, then don’t make the sequel. But some sequels are definitely necessary, and make the original look bad(Godfather 2, Dark Knight, Hellboy II, etc).

  2. All of those films you listed, no offense to your opinion, were NOTHING compared to the originals (well, The Dark Knight was, since it is a Nolan Brothers film). Godfather wrecked Godfather pt. 2, Hellboy II sucked, in my opinion, and Batman Begins was better, in my mind, than The Dark Knight. Again, I respect your opinion, but better examples of sequels that were better than the originals are Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Oceans Thirteen, Be Cool, and The Chronicles of Riddick (though Pitch Black was good, too).

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