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Wristcutters: A love story

Movie is Rated R for language and content involving suicide.  It stars Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon and Leslie Bibbb.  It is based on a novella titled Knellers Happy Campers by Etgar Keret.  It is about one and a half hours long.

I know what you all are thinking how can a movie titled Wristcutters be a romance?  A movie about suicide has to be sad and depressing, right?  No.  This movie is about a boy who kills himself and finds himself in a world of the suicides.  People who have killed themselves find themselves waking up in this sort of purgatory of suicidal humans.  They all wake up, and they all continue with some sort of life, a little different, and not on this earthly plane.  Via the main character, has committed suicide and now works in a pizza joint and hangs out in a bar, at this bar he meets Eugene and they become fast friends.  Via finds out his girlfriend from his pre-suicide life has also committed suicide and he feels he needs to find her.  So he and Eugene begin a road trip to find her.  Along the way they meet Macaw, a young woman who wants to find the people in charge because her being here is a terrible mistake, she says she didn’t commit suicide. 

This is a well put together movie with both laughs and charming dialogue and scenes.  It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.  Being a movie about suicide and death I went to it thinking it was going to be sad, dreary and full of itself, however that is not what I got.  The film was taped to make the after-suicide life look a little pale, a little dreary, yet there was still humor in it.  There was as scene in which two young attractive women are sitting in the bar making bets about who “offed” themselves how.  It was funny and horrifying as well to think about it, and wonder if it was me would I play the game to entertain myself? 

There was a time when the movie was a little slow, however there wasn’t much of that.  It helped that this movie was not one of these two and a half hour over-indulgent films, and didn’t take itself too seriously.  It was enjoyable and lovely.  Not quite a romance but so close that is the category I had to put it in.  It is funny, people making fun of others and their suicidal ends, but funny in a good way and not horrible way.

I reccommend that everyone see this movie.  I doubt that it will get much attention from the studios, or be advertised much on television, so here it is.  Go see it, you won’t regret it!

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  1. Wristcutters is a great example of adaptation of story to film.
    What a film and what a story!!
    I have loved Edgar Keret from the moment he started writing stories and can recommend his collection of short stories “The Busdriver Who Wanted to Be God” (Toby Press $12.95)to anyone. The last story in this volume “Kneller’s Happy Campers” is the story that Wristcutters was based upon. Enjoy!

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