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Trailers: Paranormal Activity 2

I think that the first one sucked because it had nothing going for it besides someone getting dragged over here and over there every now and again, but the end made me jump, though it was a bit corny. When I began watching the trailer for this film, I was really not expecting much. By the time I finished the trailer, I was quite scared because of the element they introduced into this one.

Essentially the preview shows the ending of the first one where Micah was thrown at the camera from across the room, and then it cuts to a room that holds a kid in a little playpen and a dog, who is standing near the door and barking at what seems like nothing, when all of a sudden the camera splits to showing the girl from the first one is there.

This film may include a scarier event pattern, and so I believe that it has a chance of being very good. Look forward to this one. Though I felt the original sucked, this one seems to be more interactive with jumpy parts.

Bottom Line: A. Good trailer. It got me looking forward to the film.

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