Leap Year (2010)

‘Leap Year’ is the 2010 film directed by Anand Tucker, and written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont. It stars Amy Adams (Anna Brady), Matthew Goode (Declan), and Adam Scott (Jeremy). The movie ‘Leap Year’ begins with Anna (Adams) in her fast paced, multi-tasked, cell-phone-stuck-to-face lifestyle. She somehow manages to snag the affections of a doctor, who has a busy life also. They live in a nice, neat bubble of perfection, and Anna is under the impression Jeremy (Scott) is going to purpose marriage to her. When she is mistaken, she follows him to his “doctors convention” in Ireland, so she can purpose to him. Along the trip to Ireland, she has a few misfortunes, and detours. This leads her to a man, Declan (Goode), and she has second thoughts about her boyfriend. In one of my previous reviews, I mention just how much the situation of ‘ Boy meets girl’ has been written about, and brought to the big screen. Countless times. This is because love is just something everyone has, or wants to seek out in their life time. Love is great, when it works. A romantic comedy is great, when it works………… and here I am sorry to say, it does not.

Hollywood always has a way of thinking this one actor is “hot”, and they try to cash in on his/her popularity. This is why I did not want to see the film in the first place, because they have just shoved Amy Adams down my throat so much, I can just spew red hair.  Sorry, that is just me. Yes, she can act, and she is very pretty, but she can not carry every movie. The films writing did not give Adams much to work with I am sorry to say. Matthew Goode who plays Declan, is also a very good actor. I loved his rugged look in this film, and is character had lots of potential, but fell flat. Again, I have to say the writing was not strong enough to make you want to see more of this film, or connect to these characters.

The best part of the film was the scenic hills of Ireland, very beautiful cinematography, but the music used was not quite a good fit. Wait until this film is available free on cable if you really want to see it. The film is very predictable, and had the potential for so much, but disappoints.

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