The Vow (2012)

“How do you look at the girl you love & tell yourself its time to walk away?” Leo Collins had to do that in the 2012 romance ‘The Vow’. ‘The Vow’ is a based on a true story from 1993. It stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams and is set in our modern day Chicago. It is a tearjerker that will surely keep your eyes wet the entire hour and 40 minutes.

Leo Collins had to live that exact reality after he and his wife Paige were involved in a car accident. Leo made it out with just bumps and bruises, but Paige got it much worse. She doesn’t remember Leo. Leo vies with many obstacles including Paige’s family and her ex-fiancee, Jeremy, to win back the woman he gave his heart to. Paige still has feelings for Jeremy, though. There are break-ups, make-ups and tears shed. All for the one person Leo Collins gave his heart to.

I think Channing Tatum was the perfect fit for his role as Leo Collins. He’s done a couple romances in his day, but I think this is his best one. He showed so much emotion in his role you would think that his wife actually didn’t remember him. Also, Rachel McAdams was wonderful as well. But then again, she always does great in roles like this.

As I previously stated, this was a true story. Director Michael Sucsy didn’t just take their story from 1993, he created it into a modern day story. He changed their names, the setting, their jobs, etc. He did everything in his power to make the movie more relatable to society today. And it worked.

The Vow was somewhat of a masterpiece. Towards the middle, it was a little slow for me but my tears shed made up for it. For anyone who’s watching it soon– bring tissues! Because trust me, you’ll need them.

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