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Get Invited To A: MURDER PARTY

Murder Party was written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier with a cast not filled with stars or familiar faces, however, it is the characters that matter in this project. The basis of the story is a man who comes across as a bit of a social loser, randomly finds an invitation to a “murder party” on Halloween. The man goes to the address and find himself in the clutches of a group of artists willing to kill to impress someone for an art grant.

Murder Party is an example of low budget horror having very little and doing very little with it, and yet creating some big fun regardless. The story doesn’t feature any in-depth plot, but relies mainly on character and random events. The main portions of the tale take place in a single room with several characters engaging in discussion. Murder is on everyone’s mind as they have tied up their random party invitee and are deciding how he should meet his demise; all in the name of art. Chris Sharp plays the potential victim, also named Chris. His role and acting is adorably geeky and hilarious. The man doesn’t even have to speak but a couple of sentences and you already like and care for him enough to root for his survival. All of the supporting characters are devious and entertaining in their own ways.

This movie made me laugh out loud several times.

Scanning opinions across the internet people either love or hate the film, with the main critical complaints coming from lack of plot. However, this is an adventure in entertainment and the story was a nice and simple formula that worked thanks to being so quirky. Even if you don’t like the film, it isn’t a very long movie so you won’t have wasted much time.

The gore effects are very well done and there is a decent helping of them. One particular effect in which a Halloween mask is burnt into someone’s face is very cool.

Murder Party is definitely a party to check into. The filmmakers deserve all of the support they can for creating such a fun little project out of so little.

Murder Party: fun and funny!

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