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How to Train Your Dragon(2010)

Talk about a movie that’s fun and makes the 3D admission cost worth it.  I watched “How to Train Your Dragon” in both formats, 2d and 3d, and enjoyed it both times. While I’m not a fan of typical Dreamworks titles, the mixture of action/comedy works well in this film with a great voice cast as support. Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, and Craig Ferguson star, among others in a fictional viking island called Berk.

On Berk, there’s a big problem. Dragons keep coming and taking their livestock, destroying their village. So all the villagers pitch in to hunt the dragons, and maintain stability. Hiccup(voiced by Baruchel) struggles with finding his own place in the village. He’s a fair blacksmith, but can barely hold large hammers and tools, and dreams of bigger things. It certainly doesn’t help the situation that his father is Stoick(Butler), the greatest dragon hunter in the village. The people in his village have information on every dragon except the deadliest, the “Night Fury”, a dragon that never shows itself. Hiccup manages to shoot one down, and learns to befriends the creature, using the knowledge gained to subdue other dragons in his dragon-hunting lessons. He soon goes from being the awkward and unpopular Hiccup, to the village celebrity.

The animation is well done, and suits 3d amazingly well. One thing I look out for most on computer animated films is the texturing. You can make a 3d model and give it funny expressions, but those should be expected. Detailed texturing means a great deal of difference, and can make certain aspects of an animated film look real. If you look at recent Pixar films, a large amount of time is devoted to the texturing, and the same can be said of this film. Rocks are cracked, they have grains and small holes, trees looks different in the texture of the bark, the scales of dragons add depth to their look. This film shouldn’t look dated, and it doesn’t, it looks like it took time to make, and all that time was utilized well. There’s also a  great amount of research that went into making the dragons act like real creatures, and it really shows.

The voice cast and script are also great. As previously stated, I’m not a huge fan of Dreamworks titles. Shrek went downhill after the first(and yet they continue to insist on milking the franchise), Shark Tale was unfunny and uninteresting, Madagascar 1 and 2 were annoying, Over the Hedge was lackluster, and so on (and those are just the animated titles). Needless to say, I wasn’t completely interested in this film. But when I caught word that the 3D was done well, I thought I’d check it out. I was pleasantly surprised, it was fun and funny, and entertaining. There are many Apatow regulars in the voice cast, which is nice to see them branching out and entertaining kids as well. Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Jay Baruchel, David Tennant, Kristen Wiig, America Ferrara, Jonah Hill, it’s an impressive line-up, and they all do a perfect job with an already polished script.How to Train your Dragon is a great film.

If you need a movie to take your kids to, if you need a movie to see with friends, if you have a girlfriend who loves pets, if you like adventure comedies, if you’re a fan of the actors mentioned above, if you want to see a successful 3D film, watch How to Train Your Dragon.

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